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Yes..yes.. my sorry excuse to implement some sad sad toilet humor in my blog title. Have I succeeded? You be the judge, but I stand by my 9 year old mind at being impulsively bad at dumb jokes. Anyhow, the “real” news coming in yesterday is that Cubes is trying to help out his hometown by throwing down some cash at the needy Pittsburgh Penguins. He’s not trying to do another, he just wants to help out.

However, offering money and his time isn’t enough for some people, as they want Mr. Cuban to own Pittsburgh all together, since he shits money and all. But just one second! One day, there WILL be a Mark Cuban City where city officials such as police officers/judges/firemen etc. will be sent daily video tapes of their missed calls and biased referr–uhh–“law-ing” and the whole city will be complaining/whining at any moment of the day. Is that what you REALLY want?… Actually, I can’t wait until that day comes, because by then the Supreme Chancellor David Stern of the NBAEmpire will fine him for using the HologramMedia to criticise the Dark Lord…./geek rant.

Cuban just wants to be minority owner. [AP via]
Suggesting Cuban Should BUY Pittsburgh. [Pittsburgh Tribune-Review]

Unrelatedness of the Day:
Aside from the above rant not making a hint of sense, I want to know who will win in a winner take all match for the world: Ninjas or Pirates? I’m not sure about Pirates now that Johnny Depp has them “prettier” and Ninjas..well, they’re fucking NINJAS! Winner: Ninjas!


Renaldo Balkman who? Sounds like another Brazilian soccer player man, fit right in with the Rinaldos, Rinaldinhos, Ringos, Reggae, Ricky Ricardos…

Anyway, I love the tee and can’t give enough praises for real fans that care and won’t put up with bullshit.

I live in 18th Century Land and don’t get ESPN (not that I really want to) so I caught the online reports. Well Mr. Colangelo, let this be the beginning of something good for the Barney Team. It’s a lot of pressure for a 20 year old European metrosexual (that’s an oxymoron eh?) number 1 pick overall to be the savior of the franchise. Well, as they say, Rome wasn’t sacked and pilaged in one day…or something.

In other 1st Round news… teams playing Yankee Swap got this puny human confused and decided to give up on the Philly/ Chi-Town/ Boston/ Minny/ Portland trade reasonings. I’ll let the realest people break it down and read it later.

Marcus Williams is going have some hunger in making teams pay…Lots of international picks for nothing other than letting them stay overseas, which, whatever… ROY prediction: Adam MustachsonDenham Brown makes it to the NBA! (5 for 6 UCONN guys so far)…



I’m not sure about the new NBA Ball. I don’t fully hate it, but it doesn’t strike me as lovely either. I miss the traditional look to be honest. The “enveloping” designs remind me of something veeeerry particular…newball1.jpg


…when you take the Fashion Police’s advice into consideration.



From the main page of, there was this pic along with a little snippet:


On June 28, NBA Commissioner David Stern will introduce the NBA’s newest employees, as he announces the Class of 2006. Before that, however, he will unveil the contents of the black box below — sure to change the way you see the game. Check back Wednesday at 11:30 a.m. ET to see what’s in the black box.

Okkaaaay JJ Abrams. If I wanted quirky plot devices that only gives an anti-climatic resolution, I’d seriously watch Lost instead (which I do, and getting more bitter as each ep passes, but that’s another story for another time).

Since there’s no fun/active news in the NBA other than the Draft, which this average schmo is even further ill-equipped to comment on, I’ll give ya some of my guesses for the contents of the BLACK BOX OF DOOM:

And yeah, there weren’t any logos…yet:nbabox.jpg

(10:39am) Tired and sleepy… some comments up later..



Ah the joys of the summertime heat, complete with UV rays, smog and the added pollution from everyone driving their monstertrucks. I'm having a hard time getting my doodle-on for the NBA Toons this weekend…so it'll probably be posted on Monday (see, I knew when I wrote "at the latest.." I'd take full advantage of it). And I'm still trying to figure out what is the best schedule I should use for updating the 'Toons seeing that it's what I want this lil' old blog of mine to be about.

It's frickking nice outside and I'm just going to play some pick-up ball if you don't mind, DO YOU?! Uhh, oopsies, I should note I'm a rageoholic, naturally, I'm addicted to rage-o-hol.

I leave you with the genius of Stephen Colbert making fun of one of the great minds in this planet yet still coming off as a goof, I love his comedy:

(and an excuse for me to do a youtube linkie)

Unrelatedness of Today:

Okay, I just heard Paris Hilton's song "Stars Are Blind" and..well..First of all, I fucking loathe everything she stands for, but the song's kinda alright…don't judge me! It sounds exactly like a Gwen Stefani song (I wouldn't be surprised if they sampled Gwen's voice in the Make-Anyone-Sound-Half-Decent-Machine-Since-Backstreetboys™ 3000) But not I'm saying it could be a hit or anything but it's not something I thought I could hate instantly.

I don't like having ambiguous feelings towards SkankHoe and her doings.. damn you music producers!


It's not really news-worthy, but my favourite daily dose of insider NBA commentary, SLAMonline's LINKS gets a MAKEOVER! Complete with the usual blog-like symptons of comments/sidekick entries a la Cubes, very cool.

I love reading Lang Whitaker's column because it's a very refreshing take on the NBA that isn't part of the mainstream media journalism's same o'l stories. And it really is a column first of all, way before the "blog-o-phere" hit big with just stream of consciousness updates (like yours truly shame face). It's daily so they get to talk about the night's action as well as have notes from people AT the games complete with commentary. Best of all, it's free (ahem good for nothing

It's good that they finally go with a new layout because honestly, after 5 years staring at the same old grey background got a bit..well, old. The content is still high quality though, just that the last time they "changed" was its LINKS logo (it use to be that java they teach you at html grade school heh)

Unrelatedness of the Day:

The new Superman movie is going to blow away all the other recent superhero movies including, dare I say.. the original X-Men *gasp*!

(12:55pm…woulda been sooner if connection hadn't kept timing out!!)


Seriously what is with that aerobics ball looking exactly like a lemon? And Darrell Armstrong…I don't know if he was or was not being ironic with that pitch perfect pose. You decide for yourself: DA and JJ Walker, separated at birth?? what to talk about.. I guess the Draft should the focal point for this week since the Raps get first dibs at getting their saviour. I like that Bryan Colangelo is going international with the Barney Team by hiring Maurizio Gherardini and cutting out Erick Williams and Matt Bonner to lose the mediocrity (thank god he kicked Rafael Araujo out of the way.. what a wasted draft pick)

Looks like Bryan's making the good choices so far. We'll see..

(1:10am) (is it bad that I care more about the prints..?)NBA Trophy

Yes yes yes! I don't have to worry about fucking up my final exam due to thinking about Game 7, I'll be able to that all on my own!

But I gotta get right into it. Though it bothers me that in my lifetime, the likes of Antoine "Shimmy, even on the floor" Walker; Gary "too old to guard his own shadow" Payton and Alonzo "I have biceps" Mourning got rings. Oh woe-is-me. Whatever the hell though, because Dwyane Wade blows all that crap out of the water. As well, an added bonus with Shaq getting his 4th has got to make Kobe/Phil Jackson/Jerry Buss a bit angry; and if they're pissed, that makes ME happy.

I feel for the Mavs, I feel for Dirk and I feel for Avery. Dirk DID NOT TOUCH Wade at all. Wade introduced his foreman to Dirk's gut is all that happened. But you just knew something wasn't right for the Mavs if Marquis Daniel was lighting it up…sort of like fool's gold. And with the early carelessness from Dwyane probably gave the Mav diehards a harder pill to swallow as they let those opportunities slide.

This may be the only Finals appearence for the Heat for a while (because honestly? Shaq, Gary, Zo all add up more years than the Supreme Court Judges) but it had all the illustrious details waiting to be etched into the history books: Shaq's 4th; Riles' 5th; Gary, Zo', Antoine, JWill, Posey, Shandon Anderson getting burns. All around good stuff (that is until you remember Stan Van Grumpy). Still, an amazing finish–though a bit abrupt if you ask me (I'm glad you didn't), but I rather have this than a timid anti-climatic possible blowout.

I need sleep…
Note: I didn't copy Basketball Jones' line for this title if someone's thinking… I guess us ball junkies are bound to think alike from time to time.. :p