Yet another sports (nba) blog??

Hi ya! I really love the game of basketball. Ever since I was around 9-10 when my brother bought me my first basketball (Orlando Magic graphics baby!) after watching several first TV games featuring this fellow called "Michael Jordan" (you heard of him?), I was and still am completely blown away by this sport. It's this fever of infatuation that I really can't let go. I did almost everything bball related at the time: started playing it (didn't know even how to dribble); watching it; reading news clips; and of course (like many many Americans can relate): read the sensational Manga SLAM DUNK…uh..yea.

So now, in the midst of the latter part of the 2006 NBA Playoffs, I felt compelled to join the ranks of other bloggonation of typing up MY thoughts of the whole things — in the deep mistaken belief that people will care.

But I want to meld different things together, like comicizing NBA stuff or other nonsense. I'm here to sharpen my funny bone to full effect!


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