Dramatism-ism With X-Men 3

storm.jpgI just finished watching the movie and coming from a casual DC comic book fan (only watched the 90s cartoon) — I thought it was decent. I have to agree with everyone else on the planet that the other two were way better. This one however, was okay enough to say I digged it. I don't begrudge the director because I think what he did was smart: simply furthering what's already been setup by the genius of Bryan Singer. Obviously Singer's storytelling style is what's so great about him and why X1, X2 were so good, which is why X3 felt like an extension of X2 and not really its own movie — it never really sold me on its theme.

What it DID sell me on though, is that if ever you need to make a dramatic point, and want the audience (or whoever's 3 feet close to you) to feel what you say… just repeat the whatever you said last:

Logan to Rogue: "If you have to go, GO. But if it's what you want, make sure it's WHAT YOU WANT"
[Oooh, gives me chills just typing something that'd make Shakespeare shit his pants!]

Storm to Logan: "If you're with us, then BE WITH US"
[Hello Winner for Best Script at the Oscars!]

Magneto to whoever that's still watching: "They're pawns….(minutes later)…They're pawns.."
[Sniff…so…inspiring….like….like…it INSPIRES]

But we all know where that type of dialogue is from. It's without a doubt from the Sheeeeed's School of Dramatisation

"Both teams played hard..both teams played hard.." x34252 (Circa 2001, 2002 I'm not sure..)


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