As the very cool Cavelier over at YAYSports so journalistically revealed that tonight’s tube skedge features a plethora of material — here’s my suggestions:


I guess it’s a simple process for me, since I don’t have the MTV (even though I want to catch my idol Dane Cook present), that eliminates the sometimes funny, sometimes pimp-heavy Movie Awards.

I don’t have FOX Sports either, so that eliminates Kobe’s Nerdy Attempt To Be “one of the guys”.

Why don’t I have all these channels? Well, I live in Canadaland…Montreal, to be exact so getting them Anglais channels is hard to come by. Why bother with subscriptions that’ll cost too much
and that I won’t watch half the time anyway (MTV I’m looking at you).

So yea, GAME 1 of the FINALS is a goooo! And since everyone in the world is doing the predictionary, here’s mine that I haven’t seen anyone make:

MAVS in 2!!!!


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