First of all yay for the Mavs, because, really if they lost, tons of people are going to be backtracking theirgarydreamin.jpgs comments about the rah-rah-rah Mavs is the better team blahblah. With all the no shows of Dirk and Josh, I was getting scared they might lose. But then again, Shaq decided to stay home as well. Who did come to play? Dwyane I WANT TO DUNK ON EVERYONEWade and Jason I Played With The HAWKS for 5 FRIGGIN YEARS And Now I’m In The NBA FinalsTerry.

It’s was loose, with tons of TO and missed opportunities. But overall, it was nice seeing the game up and down and with scores in the Finals.


Man, if Dwyane had larger hands, he could’ve had 10 more of those dunks instead getting fouls and hitting back rim..scary.. Somewhere, MJ is smiling… or envyous with rage in getting old and fat…I’m not sure..but probably smiling.


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