Bobby Covert

Bob Delaney is a bad ass motherfocker — someone’s gotta remake Donnie Brasco and re-tell the whole story from Bob’s point of view. Last night during an ABC segment, they talked about how Delaney was deep undercover (a la The Departed‘s storyline). But his old FBI alias was Bobby Covert? COVERT? REALLY? As in “covert operation?” — someone at the Bureau wasn’t working hard that day as Director of Alias-Naming and Other Such Identities.

2007 UPDATE: Did Bob Have a Hand In Calling This Flagrant Foul on the NBA?!?


  1. Lonnie

    Very proud of you Mr. Delaney. I worked undercover in narcotics for nine years in a midwestern city. I covered half of Indiana. Didn’t know where I would be from day to day. Most of the buys I did, I had no back-up. DEA was good friends. Thanks for making a difference

  2. travis

    iverson is better than me. damn i suck! oh my god he dunked!

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