I’m pretty sure Jet had this type of eclectic training. If there’s evidence to the contrary, please contact 1-800-FAKE-NUM and I’ll promptly look into it.

As for tonight’s GAME 3, I truly think the Heat will dominate the first half and have a good 5-8 point lead cushion to pull out the win. Two bad games is over with, at least they’re back home in friendlier crowd. And please Riles, let DWade dominate whenever Shaq‘s getting locked up in the post. At least have him be aggressive like Game 1; don’t mess with his head with “he can’t touch the ball or we’ll lose” c’mon dude!

Prediction — 97-92 Heat win; Dwyane gets 31, 5, 9 (Gary, Eboy, and Cry-Baby gets double figures)


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