anna's hot

I still can’t get behind the “WHITE HOT” slogan employed all season by the Heat organization. Something about white and hot just really don’t belong together. Seriously, this is elementary — literally — light colours are for ‘cold’ C’MON! Anyways, fun finish to the game, though nerve racking for the Miami faithful.

In the words of the immortal Stephen Colbert: I CALLED IT! From my last post:

Prediction — 97-92 Heat win; Dwyane gets 31, 5, 9 (Gary, Eboy, and Cry-Baby gets double figures)

Wow, I must pat myself on the back for my first ever blogging prediction that came so so close. 98-96 the real score; Dwyane got 42, 13 and 5 (uhh..5 fouls..I know..still whatever). Williams, Walker poured in the 12 pts each and Gary hit the most needed shot. So yay for me!

But it still felt like Dallas‘ game to lose. They were so calm being down whatever at whenever that you can tell you could’ve won it had it not been DWade’s willing his team to win. And Shaq was only good for the first 2 minutes of the game. Dallas.. is scary man, Dirk had the quietest 30 points of the night while it was in tuned with the team that helped them to win. I know it’s the sins of all sins praising Walker, but I have to disagree with the fun and amazing guys over at Basketball Jones’ Podcast and say that he wasn’t utterly useless. He just has to remember to drive and attack — I think being at home helped him out this way.

And oh yea, is Udonis Haslem living the basketball dream? Because I need a reminder every gamem MIKE BREEN (but he’s doing a solid job otherwise).


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