[Blank] is the next Michael Jordan

Dwyane I don't actually have any problems with comparing contemporary players to the great ones because seriously, it's inevitable and comes down hard like an anvil. There's no escaping the go-to clip of Jordan's Game 5 heroics whenever a player is reported with anything remotely close to a cough (When's that flu going away for Wade?). There's no escaping the reminder of Willis Reed if one of your main players gets injured but decides to limb and play (Raja Bell and/or Wade again).

So really, the only solution would be if you were to come up with some CRAZYass new development and be able to put up 35+pts and win the game for a whole new generation of "[blank] is playing just like when [blank did this]"

Some suggestions:

  • Be the first to go temporarily blind and play on pure instinct
  • Be the first to go temporarily deaf and play on pure instinct
  • Be the first to lose a deadly game of Capture the Flag on XBox Live's Halo and still shake it off to pull out the win for your team
  • Be able to hunt down both the Aliens AND Predators pregame and not let the guilt overcome you as you fight for your season

So yea, who knows, aren't those things what makes up the true heart of a champion? Hint: I think so.

Prediction for Game 4: 89-88 Heat Wins; Shaq gets 30 (pleeease?) and Wade returns with a modest 25. (For the record, there's no doubt that I believe Mavericks will win–in 6 is my guess, but I feel the Heat still have something to show for, can't wait for tonight).


"My highest emotional moment hasn't happened yet." "Not yet"
[DWade, asked if Game 3 was..uhh, his highest emotional moment]

The Miami Herald delves into the philosophy of fear and confi-*yawn*…

Dallas Mavericks collectively has short term memory loss, in that they quickly forget the results of prior games — gotta get that checked out soon.


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