Dr. Stackhouse

I'm just about 2 days late with the "big news" and I guess all the rhetoric about the sketchy situation has pretty much been covered by "real news people". And it from the gut-standpoint (thank you Mr. Stephen Colbert) it wasn't malicious, though excessive (thus flagrant 1). But especially how Shaq and Stack made up afterwards it doesn't seem like it warrants a FULL GAME suspension for GAME 5 of the NBA Finals!

But Washington Post writer Mike Wise says the Mavs' coach whines too much:

For Johnson to go off on the league's alleged inconsistency smacks of hypocrisy. This new, no-contact NBA, in which every hand check is whistled, is the reason why a lithe, quick and skilled team such as Dallas got to the Finals. Players such as San Antonio's Bruce Bowen cannot play as aggressively on the perimeter as they once did, which enables offensive-minded guards and forwards to get the space they need to release jump shots they never could get off before — players such as the Mavericks' Jason Terry, Josh Howard and Dirk Nowitzki. You can't have it both ways.

I agree the fluidity of the game today is in large part due to the rule changes thus allowing fun teams like Dallas and Pheonix being able to trive in the playoffs. But that doesn't mean when the NBA Offices does something head-scratching that you don't/shouldn't argue about it. Coach Johnson isn't just going to fold like a beeeyotch, recognize. So YOU shut up Mike Wise.

Meanwhile, Riles is playing the "well it happened to us too before, so boo whoo" card:

"It was academic, based on precedent," Heat coach Pat Riley said of Stackhouse's suspension. "All you have to do is look at the James Posey hit in Chicago. … That's precedent. If, in fact, you know the league sort of deems that as excessive, then (you know) they're going to suspend you."

I thought the Mavs were going to win the series even though it's tied 2-2, but losing Stack makes the whole thing uneven you know? I want the Finals to be competitive, and it already is, no need to add fake drama when the real thing is just as good.


Believe it or not, [my children] don't really care too much about me, the basketball player. They refer to me as, "Dog Man" in the house.
[–Shaq, when asked what his kids think of him playing in the Finals.. and he's apparently a canine now..]

Unrelatedness of the Day

Jessica Alba? Jessica Simpson? or Jessica Biel? Personally, if there ever was a Bhudda, I would enjoy the company of all three. But currently Alba seems like the cutest, funniest personality of those three without being torn to shreds by the tabloids. Abla wins.


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