(1:10am) (is it bad that I care more about the prints..?)NBA Trophy

Yes yes yes! I don't have to worry about fucking up my final exam due to thinking about Game 7, I'll be able to that all on my own!

But I gotta get right into it. Though it bothers me that in my lifetime, the likes of Antoine "Shimmy, even on the floor" Walker; Gary "too old to guard his own shadow" Payton and Alonzo "I have biceps" Mourning got rings. Oh woe-is-me. Whatever the hell though, because Dwyane Wade blows all that crap out of the water. As well, an added bonus with Shaq getting his 4th has got to make Kobe/Phil Jackson/Jerry Buss a bit angry; and if they're pissed, that makes ME happy.

I feel for the Mavs, I feel for Dirk and I feel for Avery. Dirk DID NOT TOUCH Wade at all. Wade introduced his foreman to Dirk's gut is all that happened. But you just knew something wasn't right for the Mavs if Marquis Daniel was lighting it up…sort of like fool's gold. And with the early carelessness from Dwyane probably gave the Mav diehards a harder pill to swallow as they let those opportunities slide.

This may be the only Finals appearence for the Heat for a while (because honestly? Shaq, Gary, Zo all add up more years than the Supreme Court Judges) but it had all the illustrious details waiting to be etched into the history books: Shaq's 4th; Riles' 5th; Gary, Zo', Antoine, JWill, Posey, Shandon Anderson getting burns. All around good stuff (that is until you remember Stan Van Grumpy). Still, an amazing finish–though a bit abrupt if you ask me (I'm glad you didn't), but I rather have this than a timid anti-climatic possible blowout.

I need sleep…
Note: I didn't copy Basketball Jones' line for this title if someone's thinking… I guess us ball junkies are bound to think alike from time to time.. :p


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