It's not really news-worthy, but my favourite daily dose of insider NBA commentary, SLAMonline's LINKS gets a MAKEOVER! Complete with the usual blog-like symptons of comments/sidekick entries a la Cubes, very cool.

I love reading Lang Whitaker's column because it's a very refreshing take on the NBA that isn't part of the mainstream media journalism's same o'l stories. And it really is a column first of all, way before the "blog-o-phere" hit big with just stream of consciousness updates (like yours truly shame face). It's daily so they get to talk about the night's action as well as have notes from people AT the games complete with commentary. Best of all, it's free (ahem good for nothing

It's good that they finally go with a new layout because honestly, after 5 years staring at the same old grey background got a bit..well, old. The content is still high quality though, just that the last time they "changed" was its LINKS logo (it use to be that java they teach you at html grade school heh)

Unrelatedness of the Day:

The new Superman movie is going to blow away all the other recent superhero movies including, dare I say.. the original X-Men *gasp*!


  1. Luke trevallion

    i think lebron is a dick head no just joking he is my fav basketball player

  2. LBJ has that superpower effect on people where he’ll twist your emotions like a twizzler.

    And Luke? Way to stay on topic there.

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