Ah the joys of the summertime heat, complete with UV rays, smog and the added pollution from everyone driving their monstertrucks. I'm having a hard time getting my doodle-on for the NBA Toons this weekend…so it'll probably be posted on Monday (see, I knew when I wrote "at the latest.." I'd take full advantage of it). And I'm still trying to figure out what is the best schedule I should use for updating the 'Toons seeing that it's what I want this lil' old blog of mine to be about.

It's frickking nice outside and I'm just going to play some pick-up ball if you don't mind, DO YOU?! Uhh, oopsies, I should note I'm a rageoholic, naturally, I'm addicted to rage-o-hol.

I leave you with the genius of Stephen Colbert making fun of one of the great minds in this planet yet still coming off as a goof, I love his comedy:

(and an excuse for me to do a youtube linkie)

Unrelatedness of Today:

Okay, I just heard Paris Hilton's song "Stars Are Blind" and..well..First of all, I fucking loathe everything she stands for, but the song's kinda alright…don't judge me! It sounds exactly like a Gwen Stefani song (I wouldn't be surprised if they sampled Gwen's voice in the Make-Anyone-Sound-Half-Decent-Machine-Since-Backstreetboys™ 3000) But not I'm saying it could be a hit or anything but it's not something I thought I could hate instantly.

I don't like having ambiguous feelings towards SkankHoe and her doings.. damn you music producers!


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