From the main page of, there was this pic along with a little snippet:


On June 28, NBA Commissioner David Stern will introduce the NBA’s newest employees, as he announces the Class of 2006. Before that, however, he will unveil the contents of the black box below — sure to change the way you see the game. Check back Wednesday at 11:30 a.m. ET to see what’s in the black box.

Okkaaaay JJ Abrams. If I wanted quirky plot devices that only gives an anti-climatic resolution, I’d seriously watch Lost instead (which I do, and getting more bitter as each ep passes, but that’s another story for another time).

Since there’s no fun/active news in the NBA other than the Draft, which this average schmo is even further ill-equipped to comment on, I’ll give ya some of my guesses for the contents of the BLACK BOX OF DOOM:

And yeah, there weren’t any logos…yet:nbabox.jpg


  1. Well, it’s smallish so we know there’s know way they could have fit ‘Toine’s EGO in there. The NBA missed out on millions by not selling sticker space on the box.

    Sorry that I had to totally rip this off.

  2. Ah, I’m mad! Well, not at all, each time we poke fun at random oddities Mr. Stern throws at us, an angel gets its wings.. Or was it a dog gets their day..shit, my metaphors suck.

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