Renaldo Balkman who? Sounds like another Brazilian soccer player man, fit right in with the Rinaldos, Rinaldinhos, Ringos, Reggae, Ricky Ricardos…

Anyway, I love the tee and can’t give enough praises for real fans that care and won’t put up with bullshit.

I live in 18th Century Land and don’t get ESPN (not that I really want to) so I caught the online reports. Well Mr. Colangelo, let this be the beginning of something good for the Barney Team. It’s a lot of pressure for a 20 year old European metrosexual (that’s an oxymoron eh?) number 1 pick overall to be the savior of the franchise. Well, as they say, Rome wasn’t sacked and pilaged in one day…or something.

In other 1st Round news… teams playing Yankee Swap got this puny human confused and decided to give up on the Philly/ Chi-Town/ Boston/ Minny/ Portland trade reasonings. I’ll let the realest people break it down and read it later.

Marcus Williams is going have some hunger in making teams pay…Lots of international picks for nothing other than letting them stay overseas, which, whatever… ROY prediction: Adam MustachsonDenham Brown makes it to the NBA! (5 for 6 UCONN guys so far)…


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