Mark Cuban Loves The Pen15s


Yes..yes.. my sorry excuse to implement some sad sad toilet humor in my blog title. Have I succeeded? You be the judge, but I stand by my 9 year old mind at being impulsively bad at dumb jokes. Anyhow, the “real” news coming in yesterday is that Cubes is trying to help out his hometown by throwing down some cash at the needy Pittsburgh Penguins. He’s not trying to do another, he just wants to help out.

However, offering money and his time isn’t enough for some people, as they want Mr. Cuban to own Pittsburgh all together, since he shits money and all. But just one second! One day, there WILL be a Mark Cuban City where city officials such as police officers/judges/firemen etc. will be sent daily video tapes of their missed calls and biased referr–uhh–“law-ing” and the whole city will be complaining/whining at any moment of the day. Is that what you REALLY want?… Actually, I can’t wait until that day comes, because by then the Supreme Chancellor David Stern of the NBAEmpire will fine him for using the HologramMedia to criticise the Dark Lord…./geek rant.

Cuban just wants to be minority owner. [AP via]
Suggesting Cuban Should BUY Pittsburgh. [Pittsburgh Tribune-Review]

Unrelatedness of the Day:
Aside from the above rant not making a hint of sense, I want to know who will win in a winner take all match for the world: Ninjas or Pirates? I’m not sure about Pirates now that Johnny Depp has them “prettier” and Ninjas..well, they’re fucking NINJAS! Winner: Ninjas!


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