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Eh.. a weak attempt, I’ll admit that. Nothing else much to add really, except that I was thinking of something entirely different when reading this article’s heading (forget the fact that he won a title a month ago)

He's a bad man

Just one of those silly geek thoughts noodling in my head but this time I decided to put in drawing form (oh I have many other “mashes” embedded in my pop-cultured-addicted head, but.. those may be too nerdy for this bona fide “sports blog”). If I were to compare this Stormtrooper’s leaping abilities to an NBA player, I’d go with Richard Jefferson. I mean, just look at the way he’s pulling the ball back, that’s so RJ of 2002-04

Anyway, the the weekend was beautiful up here, so maybe that’s why there aren’t any huge (interesting) story as of late. That, and duh, it’s summer. Having insomniac tendencies, it’s great having a blog to just look up stuff and link to it, even if it’s late Sunday night. Let’ see: Big Cat is traded to the Blazers (love the last line in this short report and the use of “peddle”) Here are some options Drew Gooden can take up and a Wilcox may have a deal after all


Okay, two things: 1) obviously I get amused by doing the sightest things and 2) I have no problem making fun of anything (no matter now lame I can be..)

Of course I’m well aware that this line of clothing is supposed to be on the affordable end and thus it looks uber-generic. But was it so hard to come up with something other than “Great for shooting hoops, or BEING SEEN AROUND TOWN“? Sure, it’s Wal-Mart, so they (NBA) wouldn’t really dish out the marketing mula to make it snazzy, but come on.. that’s really just lazy. Everything from the NBA has always been high-class and for better or worse (probably worse) they’ve made sure their products sell.

I mean, does it really cost that much more in printing and designing to make the clothes say something other than “T-SHIRT”? Creativity people!

NBA Elevation Line []


Yeah.. I’m sure I wasn’t the first one to have made that joke.. yet I still went for it, I don’t care! I’m fly like that.. dude. Anyways, living in Canada, the Raptors were probably “my team” by geographical proxy. And during their glory years (which lasted 3 months) going into the playoffs, there was this solid PG by the name of Alvin Williams. He actually does point guard stuff! Handle, pass, simple sounding, but it’s a rare find in the multi-talented, multi-role that is the NBA now.

He always was dependable to hit that needed jumper when Vince would go twirling out of bounds trying to do a reverse 900° (and obviously not get the call if there was contact, because he was acting like a monkey). Other players from time to time could be the “heart” of the Raptors, ie. Vince, Antonio Davis, Jerome Williams, but I always thought Alvin was the “soul” of the group. Like he would be the guy you can trust at all times.

Sucks with the injury and surgery. Here’s hoping Alvin goes on to still be involved in the NBA.

Raptors release veteran Williams [Toronto Star]

Unrelatedness of the Day:
Man, “Alvin and the Chipmunks” was a big part in my childhood viewing schedule. And don’t front their annoying voices, because who got the most girls? Alvin! He’s a true playa for real (damn, I can’t believe I wrote that.. about a kiddy cartoon..) But one thing that I still haven’t seen answered: why did their theme song (YouTube clicky here) sound so much like Van Halen’s “Jump” (clickyclicky here/NFSW only because it’s so 80s) Or conversely, why did Van Halen rip off a cartoon? Hmm.. if anyone reading this knows, leave a comment to end this mystery

Car Ride

Ookok, this one is worth a look. Not only does Bron and Wade try to out “cool” each other sitting in the car giving nonchalant answers, it does have one or two funny bits. My favourite is when Wade talks about their ages. At least these are better than those horrid player blogs probably written by Steve McBoring (intern #87 at

LeBron and D-Wade car ride [NBA Broadband]


Let’s just assume even though you stumbled onto this blog, and somehow you wouldn’t/haven’t checked out as part of your daily ritual for all things basketball, there’s new vids! (Side note: actually, I hardly goto Flash heavy if you ask me, I just subscribe to RSS)

Once again, there’s more player solo video blogs up. This time from Agent Zero and another from Chris Bosh. Gil-Bert isn’t as entertaining there as you might anticipate, but it’s Chris Bosh that steals it for me. The fact that he calls Team USA: “USA B” is enough for me like him even more. (Actually, they both say that, but Chris made it sound cooler)

Taking Quotes Out of Context Machine presents:

“We’re all friends, and I don’t want to hurt them”
(From Gilbert in the above clip)

I do have a tendency to find the most “hoyay” subtext in every quote the guys in the NBA say huh?

Captain Planet, he's our hero!

From Ted Turner Practice Facility:

At 6’2, hailing from powers of all five of the Planeteers’ rings, playing Forward for Team Earth, Captain Plannneeeeet! Here’s the transcript of his Daily Video Blog:

0:22 – YEAH! I’m so glad I’m doing this video diary, or video blog thing.. VBLOG? Hell yeah, I’ll just call it that, cuz I’m fly like that.

0:37 – So preparations of the WORLD Championships are going smooth. We got nice players in Smokey the Bear, McGruff, it’s good stuff, I think we’re starting to gel as unit.

0:43 – Coach Al Gore? Yeah, he’s a cool cat. He “respects” us, n’aw mean? Treats us like men trying to accomplish something working ‘together’. That’s all we ask for. That, and he speaks slow.

1:00 – Obviously the biggest opponent we’re going to face is POLLUTION!…hahaha, nah nah, just kidding.. Team USA‘s the one to bea-bhahahaha! I can’t believe I almost finished that sentence ha… No seriously Global Warming is a serious issue.

1:29 – We’re working on some things, namely ‘no flying’ or ‘creating huge hurricanes’ pffft Internation Rules.. my ass.

1:55 – Yeah, my homies are gonna be attending the games…nah, they’re not going with the sissy “Planeteers” anymore, they prefer “P-Soldiers“, I dunno, something about being ‘image’ and ‘being hard’ heh heh heh, youngsters these days.

2:08 – That about wraps things up, and remember kids, mullets are in. CP out!

Shane Battier’s Video Diary [NBA Broardband]
Coach K’s Video Diary [ditto]
Captain Planet [Turner Corporation]

The following is just a little rant I want to get off my chest:

Just everything about NBC‘s broadcast in that clip is lightyears better than the crap ABC chruns out for us. Oh why couldn’t TNT be NBC’s successor to broadcast the NBA for the Finals? They’re by far the best in terms of actually giving viewers useful information in a fun entertainment package presently.

ABC/ESPN basically treat it like it’s a 3rd grade event. Where’s the “essence” that Bob Costas use to center when he did the prologues? Dan Patrick? Get out of my house. Where’s the theme (NBC using the highlighted Peacock to open still gives me chills) and the recognizable song that let’s you know, yes, we’re watching the best broadcast? From my friend Mr.


Main article: National Basketball Association music

The most common complaint about ABC’s coverage of the NBA is its inconsistent theme music. After the 1990s (when the NBA arguably reached it’s highest point in terms of popularity) many hardcore and casual fans began to associate the league with NBC, and more accurately, the network’s theme music, Roundball Rock. Whereas NBC used Roundball Rock for all twelve years of its coverage, ABC has used at least nine themes in its first four years. Three of the themes were traditional sports themes, while six of them (We Got Hoops by Robert Randolph and the Family Band, Can’t Get Enough by Justin Timberlake, Let’s Get It Started by the Black Eyed Peas, Lose My Breath by Destiny’s Child, This Is How A Heart Breaks by Rob Thomas and Runnin’ Down a Dream by Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers) were contemporary pieces by known artists.

(oh, where’s “the next” John Tesh when you need him?)

It’s not an unpopular opinion to say ABC sucks at this, but I find it weird that ABC just decided to suck even though they had a very good model from which to extend. Thank the Zeus TNT knew how to pick up the slack during the playoffs (and regular games too), or else I wouldn’t know how to keep watching primetime televised broadcasts. I’m glad at least ABC got things right with having Hubie and Mike Green; finally solid commentators. But still, the whole package in which made me love the entire aspect of basketball can be improved.

Here’s hoping ABC can get it right this coming season (I doubt it) or else I’ll need a hard drink…

Unrelatedness of the Day:
“NBA Basketball”… isn’t that redundant? Nation Basketball Association Basketball? Hmm.. Gotta look into this..


Though Dwyane might be playing lead in the production of Evidence #532, it seems like Team USA has a bunch of genuinely enthusiastic boys on their hands:

“I can’t believe it,” Arenas said, tugging on his No. 21 USA Basketball jersey after practice Thursday afternoon. “I get to go home with this. Even if they don’t let me go home with it, I’m going to take it. For me and Antawn, this is big.”

He paused and smiled and clutched his No. 21 Team USA jersey again. “It’s kind of funny two players from that Warrior team are here representing the U.S.,” Arenas said. “I mean, I wouldn’t have guessed it.”

Neither did we.. hell, I didn’t even know who you were at the time. But that’s why we love you Gil-Man. Oh yeah, be sure to check out that pic of Gilbert standing with Antawn in the article, he’s such a big kid.

Arenas, Jamison Bask In USA Talent Show [Washington Post]


Wow, talk about an unexpected shift (pun not really intended). I know when I thought deep down to myself that ‘something huge should take hold of the offseason’ I never thought it would be something like this. I dunno, maybe introduce a drastically new referring system (with robots preferably) or a trade with some guy called Iverson. But moving the entire SuperSonics team? That’s just..woah, I need to sit down.

The closest I can relate is my town’s Expos being shipped out a couple years ago. But I mean..I don’t care about baseball, or the Expos! That’s different though, for us it was like finally throwing out that smelly sandwich lodged between the sofa covers that’s been there for 5-11 years. For the Sonics’ faithfuls it’s more like being in the process of eating a newly made delicious sandwich but then some new rich guy from Oklahoma City buys said sandwich off you and relocating it to a new city. You can’t do that to a sandwich!

You can tell I’m deeply frustrated.. gah! No doubt if you’re a reader of this blog then you’d know where to find out more and/or help out, but here are important links for all to take a gander anyway:

Save Our Sonics