Free Agency Is Awesome!

I’m still alive and not given up on this little blog of mine! Enjoying the sun/rain (whichever the planet decides we deserve next) so haven’t got time to funny it up and blog amongst my brethren. I’m working (slowly) on another NBA Toon and I’ll have that done soon, hopefully.

Now, back to important matters: Signings/Trades/and $$$! This has been a fun long weekend for players to get moving and/or resigned. You got:

  • Peja going to be a Hornet with his old Kings pal Bobby Jackson following
  • Melo/Wade and probably LeBron resigning with their respective teams for the $80 million mark
  • Nene somehow making big bucks without even playing actual basketball
  • BIG BEN saying goodbye to the PA guy that says buh-buh-buhBEEEEEN Wallace! and becoming a Bull (to which the mascot showed hospitality and solidarity by saying F*ck the Police..Bad Boys style!)
  • and most importantly: Eric Piatkowski joining the Suns. Eric muthafuckin Piatkowski, you better recognize. Tim Thomas who?

All this is fun times in discussion land and I’m really looking forward to seeing the Bulls stepping it up next year. So far, that’s the only big movement, though somewhat foreseen. Peja, I don’t really think there’s much going on… yeah he used to shoot nice, but he lost that killer dagger instinct and Bobby Jackson just disappeared from Playoffs mojo-mode into the limbo-land (I’m saying he’s old).

Now, all I’m waiting for is that Allen Iverson trade (I don’t even care if it’s Celtics, just someone) so that things will really explode.


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