NBA TOONS: LeBron Is A Little Busy


You know, we all get a little preoccupied with matters of importance from time to time. So fear not Cavs and Lebron fans, he’s got his priorities straight.

UPDATE: Geez, just as I post my little drawing of a commentary, he goes and spoils my fun by actually accepting the offer…some people eh.. no consideration, whatsoever, GOD!

Unrelatedness of the Day:
France is going to whoop Italy’s greasy, floppy, divey (sp?) asses.


  1. kingjameskingjamesfanan

    Good thing LeBron handles his priorities and responsibilities well. He is the leader of the team, and as the leader he should set a good example for his teammates.

    LeBron James fan

  2. ny

    wade is better bitchs!!!!!!!!

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