OT: So Close Yet So Far



The picture says it all doesn’t it? Sorry if this falls off-topic from my usual blogging of All NBA all the time, but there was a reason why my blog title has that phrase (my scheming ways to insert random stuff) to suit certain big occasions such as this one.

First of all, the most futbol games I’ve witnessed had to be this year only. And I mean watching the games in full form, not walking in about during the 20th minute or watching it just as it ends. I watched some of the openings, some of the quaters, all of the semis and now the finals. I’m THE definition of “newbie” soccer watcher.

However, through osmosis, I learned pretty much all the rules easily and found out who’s who. I knew that England is like the Sacramento Kings, always falling short in spite of their depth and quality. I knew that Brazil were the 2004 Lakers, with the full smug and awareness of their greatness, but losing steam due to their overconfidence. I knew about the Italian‘s um.. “skills” and that what most people talk about them is how they don’t play rightfully with all the flops and dives. I knew that Zidane was the last golden man of the sport, as if he’s from another era still impacting the youth kind of like David Robinson.

I take all these into account in watching those odd Extra Time “moments” as Zidane lost control. It’s weird, though it’s very clear that what he was absolutely unnecessary. And at the HIGHEST stage in time with 1 Billion people watching, 1 country behind your back, 1 last strike for greatness until retirement, what he did was absolutely puzzling. Yet with all that, I have respect for him, perhaps not for the action he took, but something about what happened, only he and that Italian guy knows, I just “feel” I want to side with him. I can’t even call it disgraceful, because that one slip must have been one damn big comment to make him flip out. And he’s always seen as the ambassador of the sport.

Zizou, much respect. I only watched a handful of football games thus far, and you showed the good stuff and unfortunately the bad, but you let it all out. I liked what I saw in the 2006 World Cup and the big story revolved around Zizou. Football/Soccer is exciting in due part for him. Allez Les Bleus!


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