“Come on Snoop, snoopaloop, bring your green hat!”



After browsing through the new and improved SLAMonline.com, I came across a very humorous and carefully worded entry about our favourite New Jersey Nets veteran Cliff Robinson. Thus it was the root of my little ‘tweak’ of Snoop Dogg’s participation in Magic Johnson’s MidSummer Nights Dream Celebrity Basketball game. I don’t who won, but I can positively assure you that, one of two teams did, indeed, win.

And I love SLAM, so it’s not a jab at them, per say.. I don’t love weed as much though, or at all for that matter.


  1. do you remember juste my q?

  1. 1 » More Green - SLAM Online

    […] The other day, before you even knew the new site existed, I posted a photoshopped SLAM cover from celticsblog that was green and had a leprauchaun named Allen on it. Today we’ve got more trickery, and even more green, referencing Lang’s reference to Uncle Cliffy smoking that shhhh. From the pages of NBA Basketball and other Unrelatedness, comes this piece of fine art: […]

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