Melo Not Mellow This Time

Uhh..that was a horrible title, but that’s what happens when your typing this in your friend’s downtown apartment with no A/C and cigarette smoke circulating the air..

Anyways, Carmelo Anthony is once again mentioned in relation with the La-la-la (no not this La La) in this gripping AP report:

Police Sgt. Dan Boyle said Smith was pulled over just before 11 p.m. Sunday on Interstate 76 in Lochbuie, a town of 3,300. An officer smelled marijuana and found a small amount in the center console of the car, Boyle said.

That’s Tyler Brandon Smith by the by. But biggest double take from that whole report is Carmelo has his own company called Melo Enterprises. Sounds a bit, too.. construction-y? I dunno, just a bit too much serious where there shouldn’t be any.

And thus prolonged my Marijuana Edition following yesterday’s tribute to the godfather of the hemp plant.

Also, I’d like to give Samron a shout out for–well, giving me a shoutout his in column! Rock the mic Killa Sam!


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