NBA TOONS: Iverson* Needs A Home

*’s jersey needs a home to be exact:


So after constantly hitting refresh on, I’ve come to the conclusion that Iverson might as well be playing for the Harlem Globetrotters with all the rumors out there.

That’s not to say I don’t think he’ll be shipped, because there’s far too much noise (even if it’s fake noise) to say that nothing’s happening. However, some of the rumors are a bit ridiculous.. Clips? Atlanta (I’m not sure if Lang would be happy or have a heart attack, probably both)? Warriors?! And of course the peeps that started it all: Celtics.

I’ll be really surprised with AI isn’t going anywhere, even though a part of me wishes he should be a Sixer for life.


  1. I think that Atlanta would be an excellent home for AI. Iverson and Louis Williams (home town product) for Harrington (sign-and-trade), Childress, Lue, and Batista. Check my blog for my reasonings.

  2. I dunno man, when there’s a rogue Hawk loose in the city of Atlanta, not even Iverson can feel safe in that type of environment.

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