Sixers Need Some Positive Karma


It’s interesting to see where this Iverson development takes us. I mean, this talk has been going on for a good month or so now, and there’s no real sign that anything substantial is going to surface yet. Though even if he isn’t dealt before the season, it’ll still be the big story of the 06-07 year, right up until the February trade talks. And on the flip side, if he IS going to be traded, who’s to say he won’t spark a success recipe a la Steve Nash of ’05? Not I! I feel for the Philly fans, as much feel as a person from Quebec Canada can feel for them.

The dependable David Aldridge fills us in on what Allen really thinks after spending some time with him yesterday:

“I always admired [Webber] as a basketball player and as a person from afar,” Iverson said, “but I’ve got a different love for him now, now that I know who he is as a man.

…Uh..ok? Maybe not what I was expecting..

“He’s just a great person and he’s a stand-up guy and he’s straightforward… I want to play with Chris. When people said that we couldn’t play together, we proved everybody wrong. Now we just have to try and win together. We want to win together.”

OOoh ok! Oh good, for a second there.. cause I though.. um.. phew! Okay! That makes more sense. Meanwhile, Mo Cheeks expresses his man-love for another player:

“Willie will probably get the minutes that John had,” Cheeks said. “John is very talented and hopefully he will do well in Toronto, but I’m looking forward to having Willie for the entire season.”

“Plus, after being around Willie, you know he is a quality person,” Cheeks said.

Take that Salmons, your ass got dumped! And yes, John Salmons is holding a salmon in the above pic. What? Wanna fight about it?

Unrelatedness of the Day:
If life gives you lemons, you sure as hell find where “life” is and ask him to give you more free stuff!


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    […] Meanwhile, the Celtics organization is moving on to some more important matters. At Foxwoods casino. For those of you that listen to the radio in New York, sing along with me, “The wonder… of it all.” You know what I’m talking about. This is a belated link to a belated post about the Flip Murray trade. How are there two guys named Flip on the same team? That’s going to be confusing. It’s right out of that Seinfeld with T-BONE. Whoa… Have fun with this quote: “I always admired [Webber] as a basketball player and as a person from afar, but I’ve got a different love for him now, now that I know who he is as a man.” That’s Allen Iverson talking. You’ve got to throw a quick N.H. at the end of that statement. Got that one here at NBA Basketball and Other Unrelatedness. The Mavs scored 59 points in a summer league game. That’s bad. […]

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