NBA TOONS: Desperate Space Needles


Wow, talk about an unexpected shift (pun not really intended). I know when I thought deep down to myself that ‘something huge should take hold of the offseason’ I never thought it would be something like this. I dunno, maybe introduce a drastically new referring system (with robots preferably) or a trade with some guy called Iverson. But moving the entire SuperSonics team? That’s just..woah, I need to sit down.

The closest I can relate is my town’s Expos being shipped out a couple years ago. But I mean..I don’t care about baseball, or the Expos! That’s different though, for us it was like finally throwing out that smelly sandwich lodged between the sofa covers that’s been there for 5-11 years. For the Sonics’ faithfuls it’s more like being in the process of eating a newly made delicious sandwich but then some new rich guy from Oklahoma City buys said sandwich off you and relocating it to a new city. You can’t do that to a sandwich!

You can tell I’m deeply frustrated.. gah! No doubt if you’re a reader of this blog then you’d know where to find out more and/or help out, but here are important links for all to take a gander anyway:

Save Our Sonics




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