Team USA Seems Happy


Though Dwyane might be playing lead in the production of Evidence #532, it seems like Team USA has a bunch of genuinely enthusiastic boys on their hands:

“I can’t believe it,” Arenas said, tugging on his No. 21 USA Basketball jersey after practice Thursday afternoon. “I get to go home with this. Even if they don’t let me go home with it, I’m going to take it. For me and Antawn, this is big.”

He paused and smiled and clutched his No. 21 Team USA jersey again. “It’s kind of funny two players from that Warrior team are here representing the U.S.,” Arenas said. “I mean, I wouldn’t have guessed it.”

Neither did we.. hell, I didn’t even know who you were at the time. But that’s why we love you Gil-Man. Oh yeah, be sure to check out that pic of Gilbert standing with Antawn in the article, he’s such a big kid.

Arenas, Jamison Bask In USA Talent Show [Washington Post]


  1. Tony Sev

    Arenas is a midget and Jamison is soft. The Bulls will eat them up in 2006+. Hahaha.

  2. I dunno what to say to that Tony.. other than being 6’4″ is considered midget? As for the Bulls being better than the Wiz? Maybe, I’m not sure yet even though they have Big Ben. I think those two are still pretty much level.

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