Team Progress with Video Blogs

Captain Planet, he's our hero!

From Ted Turner Practice Facility:

At 6’2, hailing from powers of all five of the Planeteers’ rings, playing Forward for Team Earth, Captain Plannneeeeet! Here’s the transcript of his Daily Video Blog:

0:22 – YEAH! I’m so glad I’m doing this video diary, or video blog thing.. VBLOG? Hell yeah, I’ll just call it that, cuz I’m fly like that.

0:37 – So preparations of the WORLD Championships are going smooth. We got nice players in Smokey the Bear, McGruff, it’s good stuff, I think we’re starting to gel as unit.

0:43 – Coach Al Gore? Yeah, he’s a cool cat. He “respects” us, n’aw mean? Treats us like men trying to accomplish something working ‘together’. That’s all we ask for. That, and he speaks slow.

1:00 – Obviously the biggest opponent we’re going to face is POLLUTION!…hahaha, nah nah, just kidding.. Team USA‘s the one to bea-bhahahaha! I can’t believe I almost finished that sentence ha… No seriously Global Warming is a serious issue.

1:29 – We’re working on some things, namely ‘no flying’ or ‘creating huge hurricanes’ pffft Internation Rules.. my ass.

1:55 – Yeah, my homies are gonna be attending the games…nah, they’re not going with the sissy “Planeteers” anymore, they prefer “P-Soldiers“, I dunno, something about being ‘image’ and ‘being hard’ heh heh heh, youngsters these days.

2:08 – That about wraps things up, and remember kids, mullets are in. CP out!

Shane Battier’s Video Diary [NBA Broardband]
Coach K’s Video Diary [ditto]
Captain Planet [Turner Corporation]


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