More Daily Diaries


Let’s just assume even though you stumbled onto this blog, and somehow you wouldn’t/haven’t checked out as part of your daily ritual for all things basketball, there’s new vids! (Side note: actually, I hardly goto Flash heavy if you ask me, I just subscribe to RSS)

Once again, there’s more player solo video blogs up. This time from Agent Zero and another from Chris Bosh. Gil-Bert isn’t as entertaining there as you might anticipate, but it’s Chris Bosh that steals it for me. The fact that he calls Team USA: “USA B” is enough for me like him even more. (Actually, they both say that, but Chris made it sound cooler)

Taking Quotes Out of Context Machine presents:

“We’re all friends, and I don’t want to hurt them”
(From Gilbert in the above clip)

I do have a tendency to find the most “hoyay” subtext in every quote the guys in the NBA say huh?

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