Alvin Williams Now Has Time For Other Things


Yeah.. I’m sure I wasn’t the first one to have made that joke.. yet I still went for it, I don’t care! I’m fly like that.. dude. Anyways, living in Canada, the Raptors were probably “my team” by geographical proxy. And during their glory years (which lasted 3 months) going into the playoffs, there was this solid PG by the name of Alvin Williams. He actually does point guard stuff! Handle, pass, simple sounding, but it’s a rare find in the multi-talented, multi-role that is the NBA now.

He always was dependable to hit that needed jumper when Vince would go twirling out of bounds trying to do a reverse 900° (and obviously not get the call if there was contact, because he was acting like a monkey). Other players from time to time could be the “heart” of the Raptors, ie. Vince, Antonio Davis, Jerome Williams, but I always thought Alvin was the “soul” of the group. Like he would be the guy you can trust at all times.

Sucks with the injury and surgery. Here’s hoping Alvin goes on to still be involved in the NBA.

Raptors release veteran Williams [Toronto Star]

Unrelatedness of the Day:
Man, “Alvin and the Chipmunks” was a big part in my childhood viewing schedule. And don’t front their annoying voices, because who got the most girls? Alvin! He’s a true playa for real (damn, I can’t believe I wrote that.. about a kiddy cartoon..) But one thing that I still haven’t seen answered: why did their theme song (YouTube clicky here) sound so much like Van Halen’s “Jump” (clickyclicky here/NFSW only because it’s so 80s) Or conversely, why did Van Halen rip off a cartoon? Hmm.. if anyone reading this knows, leave a comment to end this mystery


  1. That Chipmunks song brings back memories…my mom used to buy the tapes (!!!) of them singing music that I guess was cool back then…I can honestly say that the first time I ever heard George Michael’s “Faith”, my reaction was “Who’s this guy singing Chipmunks songs?”

    I don’t think that their theme sounds much like Van Halen though. It just generally sounds 80s with the synthesizer and all.

  2. Heh, yeah, that was my exact reaction when I heard “Jump” for the first time..”why this is weird/ugly grungy-long haired fellow with mascara singing my childhood memories? why mommy??” Or something to that effect.

    I guess all 80s tune went nuts with the synth machine.

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