Generic Much?


Okay, two things: 1) obviously I get amused by doing the sightest things and 2) I have no problem making fun of anything (no matter now lame I can be..)

Of course I’m well aware that this line of clothing is supposed to be on the affordable end and thus it looks uber-generic. But was it so hard to come up with something other than “Great for shooting hoops, or BEING SEEN AROUND TOWN“? Sure, it’s Wal-Mart, so they (NBA) wouldn’t really dish out the marketing mula to make it snazzy, but come on.. that’s really just lazy. Everything from the NBA has always been high-class and for better or worse (probably worse) they’ve made sure their products sell.

I mean, does it really cost that much more in printing and designing to make the clothes say something other than “T-SHIRT”? Creativity people!

NBA Elevation Line []


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