White (Uniformed) Men Can’t Jump

He's a bad man

Just one of those silly geek thoughts noodling in my head but this time I decided to put in drawing form (oh I have many other “mashes” embedded in my pop-cultured-addicted head, but.. those may be too nerdy for this bona fide “sports blog”). If I were to compare this Stormtrooper’s leaping abilities to an NBA player, I’d go with Richard Jefferson. I mean, just look at the way he’s pulling the ball back, that’s so RJ of 2002-04

Anyway, the the weekend was beautiful up here, so maybe that’s why there aren’t any huge (interesting) story as of late. That, and duh, it’s summer. Having insomniac tendencies, it’s great having a blog to just look up stuff and link to it, even if it’s late Sunday night. Let’ see: Big Cat is traded to the Blazers (love the last line in this short report and the use of “peddle”) Here are some options Drew Gooden can take up and a Wilcox may have a deal after all


  1. Fathead is looking for some bloggers to help us with a couple projects coming up. Since we’re not all sports – and we have a very cool line of Star Wars products, I was wondering if you or any of your readers would be interested? Of course, sports are our bread and butter – we’re looking for people to blog in every major city for just about every team. If so, hit me back at realbignews@fathead.com and I’ll fill you in. Thanks!

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