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This is totally fun, all the cool kids are doing it: started from and spreading worldwide (at least until 12am). Since this site already coined the market of Unrelatedness(back off Mark Cuban!), I guess having to pick 5 blogs that’s totally unrelated to NBA content is pretty much second nature around here.

1. The Lonely Island: the mad skillz behind the Lazy Sunday SNL skit. These guys are really really funny. Check out their vids and other rap beats (my suggestions: The Bu’ and The Heist, but they’re all good)

2. TV Guide Talk Podcast: if you’re as much as a TV addict like myself and love to dissect good quality shows out there, this is a good funny listen. You can be actually be entertained by listening to snobby people talk about TV, who knew!
2.b – extra – AskAusiello: one of the guys from the above podcast that brings you the lastest scoop for all the tv shows

3. ZeFrank – TheShow: can’t really describe this. Suffice it to say Ze is probably smarter than many many folks. Take a look and listen for yourself, but watch at least 3 or 4 shows so that it’s not just a big WTF?

4. AskANinja: They’re pretty big around “the online” but still pretty funny stuff.

5. the granddaddy of blogs, gathering all sorts of things about tech, music, social laws, overall interesting stuff.

10.jpegOkay okay… woah, title a little vague with the innuendo?, please don’t ban me.. this is strictly a PG-13/R/unrated site I swear!

Back on topic here: Guardian Unlimited has an article that talks about how Greece prefers that the rest of world still don’t recognize that they’re contenders.

However, Greece are more than happy to go into their semi-final as rank outsiders.

“It’s good like this,” smiled Greek guard Theodoros Papaloukas. “If things go wrong for them in the game they will get stressed.”

I doubt they will be stressed if they’re down in points. Team USA has proved, twice, they were able to be level headed about the situation and knew how to turn it on (big thanks to Melo).

“You do not want an open-court game with the U.S. because then it’s easy for them,” said Greece coach Panagiotis Yannakis.

That’s actually great to hear them acknowledge the strenght of how Dwyane Wade, Carmelo and Lebron get going–by simply out running you. Yet it’s easier said then done. I still haven’t seen the Greece vs. France game (maybe if I have a chance today I’ll look into that) but hopefully tomorrow’s game they will be able to execute their signature defense. That’s all I ask for really, for the opposition to have lockdowns on the US. It’s doubtful that they’ll be successful, but I still want it to happen. Why? Just so that it raises the quality of the game. I don’t just want them to roll past everyone where the other side just gives up after 3 quarters.

What’s that you say? There’s more actual real NBA news going on? Don Nelson is back? (pfft, nothing I can say comes close to the folks over at GSoM) Latrell Sprewell has gone insane? (Bah, one trick pony) Iverson’s detail taking other kids’ lunch money? (Actually, I might have something with this later..)

See, we here at the Unrelatedless Ranch don’t really have priority, in anything really. Just basically a stream of consciousness type of affair. And therein lies the magic!

Greece happy to be outsiders [Guardian Unlimited]


Full disclosure before this game gets started: I’ve only seen Chapters 1-5 from last year’s weird “phenomenon” (which is why the joke is a bit stale).

Annnyyyways. Good morning y’all, this is a great way for me to get a head start in the day as after the game I’m heading straight out with the advantage of having the whole day ahead of me. That’s assuming I don’t collaspe from exhaustion of waking up at this zombie hour.

Clicky away to see if I can last a quarter without falling asleep!

(Is this swan pose good enough for you papa? Is it??)

Just for the hell of it. This Pau Gasol mug goes down into the books without a doubt. I’ll go to sleep now.. don’t want to be late for my own world famous live blogging session tomorrow morning.


I’m about 12 hours late in checking in with Mr. Internet, so this might be somewhat repetitive. Regardless, Mutoni over at Bench Renaldo amassed fantastic links around the NBA’s bloghouse for the latest Carnival of the NBA. Check it out while it’s hot!

Additional note: I haven’t seen any of the Quarter Finals of the Worlds yet (spoiler alert if you wanna ruin it in the comments!) so I’ll take a gander at it tonight and post some notes, thoughts, and magical dreams.

UPDATE on the “Additional note” business: Argentina and Spain both blew Turkey and Lithuania waaay out of the water, respectfully. So… other than saying those two teams being big big dominanting clubs, it’s hard to come up with substantial things to say.

Players I can’t get enough of: Pepe Sanchez and Juan-Carlos Navarro. Argentina’s style of play is so fun to watch as well. Everything is so crisp and direct because they’ve been together for years. In the same tone, they are also able to pull of crazy stuff like no look cross court passes while breaking the defender’s ankles. I’m secretly rooting for Argentina because they’re also a very fun team to watch.

Tomorrow morning bright and early I shall tackle this mysterious beast called Live Blogging once again for the USA-Germany showdown, stay tuned my hombres!

You like the Wu-Tang Clan?? You like dixie jazz of Nawlins?? You always say “why can’t those two things just mash already?” And you wonder about how best to prove derivative functions??

Well, I’ve got what you’ve always wanted: Wu Orleans. It’s unbelievably energetic and fun. Now it’s only a matter of time until some genius of the ill-skillzed DJ variety comes up with N.W.A. and Norah Jones mash up, now that would be Christmas/Hanukkah/Ramadan/(or just any normal day really) in late August (early September) for one happy Hype!

One hopes you haven’t stopped reading up to this point even though obviously this post is completely devoid of any NBA relevance (sorry automated system!) Thus I’ll just randomly include this: DJ Mbenga was the inspiration for the mash ups, that is a fact.. I asked Avery Johnson‘s wife the other day.

To completely round this out for that extra touch of Unrelatedness, I give thee classic Chappelle’s Show:

stackhouse.jpgSo Jerry Stackhouse loves his mommy so much that he got her a much better church house, filled with LCDs and Plasmas!

Okay, I kid about the LCDs, but I’m sure there’s a 360 stashed in there somewhere. And hookers. Don’t forget about the hookers.

It’s Monday and with no Worlds play tonight to talk about it’s pretty much a random NBA star story that should warm your day.

Well, I’ll say this about the happenings so far: whoever meets the US in the Final, (c’mon, it’s hard to rule against even that), please make it an awesome final! Not that I doubt Team USA can win it, it’s just having a close and exciting game would make it so much easier for me to write something more substantial than, “Carmelo is amazing blahblahblah”…

Stackhouse gives mom house … of God [AP]
(Who knew AP titles can be as funny as this one? I thought it was going to read: House… of Pain. Or even better, House.. of Waffles)

I hope you’re all Late Night fans, because the title would be devastatingly wasted. So I think I’m a couple days late on the “news” that this year’s NBA LIVE 07 has 5 NBA stars to be on the cover(s). The reason is to capitalize on the European market…or, in other words: they want to do something with [insert better microeconomic terms].

It has even made it to the Suns webpage (parce que monsieur Boris Diaw est Français), but get this: it was posted three days from now! Dun Dun Dun!


But to go back for a second about the Euro publicity thing; it’s pretty cool I find. So to retroactively support this, I give you some more European LIVE covers that I guess is pretty accurate given their “curse”. However, it’s more the fact that I like Arvydas Sabonis’ mad baller skills, even if he was past his prime when he finally joined the Blazers (still better than a lot of folks..shooting.. and oh man, his passing!)

sabas92.jpg sabas88.jpg
Lithuania and Soviet Union (limited covers! they’re hot!)


This post is pretty filler today. The picture gave me a good giggle. That dude up there is a penguin… yea.. a penguin. Seems pretty logical to me, being a mascot to International Basketball, a sport played (last time I checked) primarily on dry land. FIBA should totally hire me for more consulting and head-nodding.

For those that just can’t wait to find out more this fascinating creature: Badtz-Maru (don’t worry, the only thing NSFW is that you run the risk of being ridiculed endlessly by macho-jerks overlooking your shoulder– yes you Jeff, god!)

Riley is hard metal


So there we have it, another season with the “great” Riles coaching the Heat to defend the title.

“After winning the championship, I realized there’s always something meaningful that happens in your life that becomes the primary point of your destiny,” Riley said in a statement. “Winning the championship showed me that I am definitely in the right place, at the right time, with the right people. I can’t wait to get started.”

Oh yea Riles? Well… three rights don’t make a.. um… shit.. Look, I still don’t like what happened to Ron Jeremy okay?

You think Hubie Brown is thinking, “Heh, what a young punk”? Just moi? Alrighty then.

Riley to return as Heat coach [AP]

ps: Yes, Pat Riley up there has 6 fingers on each hand… He’s special like that