I’m Hoping This Happens


Hmm.. not how I wanted the drawing to come out.. hey, I’m just an amateur doodler, trying it out for the first time so it’s bound to look (for lack of a better term,) “bad” now and again.

But anyways, that’s how I imagine things will go down this 25th of December. I’m not against the idea of having the Shaq/Kobe duel again for the 3rd year in a row. It feels like a nouveaux tradition the NBA desperately needs to instill into ABC (since y’know, they can’t even come up with the tradition of, oh I don’t know, BEING GOOD AT BROADCASTING)

In other news: Team USA looks great with that easy scrimmage against Puerto Rico. When the teams shook hands (in that vid), I totally forgot that Carlos Arroyo and Dwight Howard were teammates! Though it looks like the team doesn’t need any more motivation, but I’m sure if they watched this, it might pump them up before every match of the tournament.

By the way, I consider that one sick play to be a microcosm of how humiliated the team was during the ’04 Games.

Unrelatedness of the Day:
My new favourite artist/album is Rhymefest and his debut “Blue Collar”. Finally a whole cd that I can listen to without having to hear rims/pimpjuice et al. There’s certainly some Common-vibe in there, seeing that he’s also from Chi-Town but on the whole his lyrics are tight. All the songs on it are worth listening to more than once and Kanye adds his solid beats there too. And funny cameo by ODB too.


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