NBA TOONS: The New NBA Ball’s Life


I’m not kidding, almost every day I get a click from “New NBA Ball” — I know it’s the popular thing to seek out, but there’s really not that much more that’s interesting about it until it’s used live in the beginning of the season. So.. that’s that.

In other, more useful news: Barbosa gets $33M…. good for him.. that makes one Brazilian in the league worthy of the prize.

If any of y’all don’t have ESPN 2 (not that you really want to in the first place), give TVU a try over at, that’s how I caught the exhibition game the other night. If you get enough connections, the quality’s pretty good for what it offers. It works on the P2P technology.

And this short, but extremely well edited video made me laugh for a good 4-8 minutes, definitely worth one minute of your time.


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