Here’s How I Would Get To Japan


What this means.. I have no fucking clue.. but this time, I can truly say I was bored! But yeah, I’m still pissed that I won’t get to see any games on tv.

There seems to be some Dr. J referencing around the net or the technical term: “Series of Tubes”. TrueHoop posted an amusing vid made by his actor/buddy (whom after I checked up on imdb, realized he was on Everwood! That’s double cool for being on an amazing show) and Basketbawful has an intense matchup between Julius and Larry Bird.

And oh yea.. if you’re not yawning from disappointment from the above “creation” and you’re still interested, that is of course, Steve Nash‘s old rag as the last term of the equation.

Thus, I took it upon myself to make my own find and take advantage of someone else’s YouTube tribute video for y’alls that’s interested:


  1. Is it just me or does it kind of look like Dr. J didn’t really have a left handle? Even on the left side, he dribbles with his right hand.

    Not that it’s not still graceful yet brutal and also incredible. Just saying…

  2. I’ll one up you, I think his jumper looked horrifying (in context of those clips alone)… he banked a 3 yo..

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