Ira Doesn’t Like Gilbert Arenas

he's cool

(UPDATE: Gilbert’s man-area has an ouchy so he’s dunzo for the Worlds.. boooo)

Who is this “Ira” fellow you might be asking me? Well, good question, Mr. Asking Person. I don’t know who he is either. But I do know he wrote this little entry for The Sporting News and just take a look at what he thinks about Agent Zero:

Wizards president Ernie Grunfeld’s low-cost haul of Stevenson, PF Darius Songaila, SF Caron Butler and G Antonio Daniels in the past two years is impressive, but the bottom line is the Wizards find themselves building around PG Gilbert Arenas, which begs the question: Can you win big building around Arenas? Seems like a stretch (and don’t try to sell F Antawn Jamison as anything more than a complementary player). . . .

Good lord, the audacity! And to finish your paragraph off with one extra ellipsis than what I’m used to seeing? Mr. Winderman, the nerve sir. Buuuuuut he does not ask an unfair conundrum, which is: Is this odd mid- point/shooting guard at 6’4″ the center of gravitation for a team enough to get past the 2nd round of the East? My answer is yes and no. I love Gil-Man’s game and personality, let’s get that straight. And I believe he’s almost at the same level as DWade and LeBron. But that also is where the problem arises. DWade, as amazing as he is, needed the role players in Zo, JWill, Posey, and CryBaby to make things work. LeBron is all around better than GA, but even he didn’t get past the Pistons because he didn’t have the adequate support like Wade did.

I guess my point is: Yes, you can build around Gilbert, but he needs good support. The Heat did it, why not the Wizards? Also, “don’t try to see F Antawn as anything more than a complementary player“? Oh, I am going to try, and I’m going to do it right now: Antawn is an articulate gentleman (as showcased by his reflections about being in Asia in this video). There, showed you Ira!

*side note, RE: NBA Broadband People — I don’t think I got the message the first 50 times.. what about erectile dysfunction? You really think men over the age of 40 are the demographic that logs into to check on videos?

In other fresher news, and this one is especially for my newfound Aussie reader mates (see how I’m name dropping, the celeb lifestyle is getting to me, holla!): The Australian team beat the French team in an upset. Things that stand out with this story, 1) Mickael Pietrus of the Golden State Warriors has a brother also playing for the French national team 2) Mickael’s brother has an equal, if not much more, interesting first name 3) Even more interesting, said brother has a Wiki page. 4) The above article neglected to include a humorous exchange I found elsewhere:

They frustrated the French team and with just over one minute remaining, France’s Mickael Gelebale pushed Sam Mackinnon, who responded with a bigger push of his own.

Oh no he did-unn’t!

And I guess being a Montrealer I’m one sixteenth obligated to root for the French, so: “Ah merde! C’est quoi vos problèmes? Allez-y les gars!”

Finally, and don’t ask how I stumbled onto this site, the heading reads: “Robert Horry and do some good” Yeah, I’m sure they did

Casino Waitress #214F, your hand is, uh.. nevermind…


  1. Woohoo!
    Australia beat France 😀
    I hope its a sign of things to come. We generally haven’t done too well at these types of tournaments for a while, I’d love to see the Aussies get a few more wins like this and finish top 4 against the odds. We’re missing a few of our better players though, particularly former NBA player Chris Anstey, and Matt Nielsen (both have been MVP’s of the Aust league, the NBL before.

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