All Hail Emperor Shaq

Some lovely photos of Shaq plotting his takeover of China:

See, it’s not just America that never had a black president, China never had a black emperor.. so think about that [/end somewhat politically incorrect joke]

There’s not that much noodling in Shaq’s mind other than the obvious things.

Finally, a bit Tarantino-esque. Btw, that’s not the actual English translation of what’s written in Chinese.. so whoever gets the real translation, gets a biiiiiig big prize from this blog. Hint (for the prize, not the translation): it has something to do with my hands, forcing them together.. and outputing sound, thus creating an ‘appreciative’ gesture.

And for the hell of it, since the picture was somewhat in the position of mockery:


I feel bad for picking on Clifford.. he seems like nice enough guy.. but that IS a huge doubie.


  1. Hype, that Tarantino-Shaq photo is brilliant!

  2. rem

    i like Cliff’s photo better
    tell Cliff i’m on my way

    feel the burn

  3. Heh thanks! I also hear Tarantino’s going to call it: “Enter the 7’1″ Black Dragon”.. rumors have it that Ving Rhames is set to play Shaq. Hopefully Ving fares better than his old Tarantino character Marsellus Wallace

  4. jy

    shaq is saying: you killed my master, prepare to die!!!

  5. jy – Good job! There’s also an [accept] before “to die” in there so that it’s a bit more fluid in Chinese… but I’m sure you knew that already didn’t you…

  6. snipedout99

    haha, i like that political joke

    visit me please

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