Let’s See Michael Jordan Pull This Off

If MJ ever did try jumping with a trampoline like the guy in this video, I assume he would fly OVER the basket and crash into the next building. And by the way, I foundripoff without asking.. “borrowed” this superb find from one of the always great TrueHoop entries today (and if you happen to come here from TH..well, see it again! But now with my commentary at the bottom!):

First of all, yeah yeah, it’s crazy cool and shit, but other than being vowed, or being madly annoyed near a level of hatred at the replay(s) voice, what I was reaally thinking was:

Chandler Bing voice: Could there BE any more graphics?

This judge has that look that’s a cross between extreme skepticism and just a hint of worried for the kid. But it comes out like he’s thinking the worst might happen, like the trampoline breaks or something. And why do I think he’s a judge? Only because he has a suit.. and glasses, so it was the glasses that gave it away.

“I don’t believe! No way Jose!”


  1. that’s the power of asians, they can fly. he was launched like a cannon ball. he could have hurt himself badly or worst, killed.
    lol there are so many things you can do with photos

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