Lazy Friday Afternoon Linkage

The Cav from YAYsports! may be suffering from high toxic dosage of snake venom on the set of “Who Shot Mamba” as the site has become a walking informercial of sorts.

J.E. Skeets goes cranium to cranium with Agent Zero himself in a conversation that you might want to tell your kids one day.

Shoutout to Farlane for–uh–his shoutout here, because he comes back briefly with the newest edition of NBA COMIX to show us the incredible mad skillz that Coach K possesses.

He even suggested that readers could give their own ideas for the last panel of the last NBA TOON (I agree, anything would be a vast improvement) which I could re-mix for it, thoughts?

That’s it for this week in TheUnrelatednessNation. I’ll definitely stay up for the game tonight and I might post a recap with something like “It was a good game” so make sure you to stay tuned for that. Until then, have a great weekend everyone!


  1. You didn’t stay up. But then, who could’ve really?

    That skeets interview is definitely going to be told to my grandchildren. As a fact, cause they won’t even bother to look it up.

    My comic suggestion:
    Coach K says: “2nd thought – by the power vested in me as USA Coach, you’re now Croatian, Battier.”

    BTW, I’ll be shocked if team USA wins it.

  2. Oh man, I tried so so hard, but after Conan’s monologue, I was wiped (and it wasn’t that funny either.. and it was repeat! Thus triple the sleepiness factor). I’ll take a look at the highlights and make up the gaps in my head.. just like Memento..

    Coach K and wizardry eh? It’s almost.. too suited for him (who knows what he did for those AmEx ads). I’ll keep an eye on his actions tomorrow morning to see what else he’s capable of (assuming I can wake up that early)

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