No Fooling Around For Team USA


Apologies for not saying something.. anything about the first Team USA game the other night.. I was sleeping.. very soundly (what can I say? gotta get my sleep on). So, forgiveness please! My sentiments are like most there out; that the team is just a bit pumped to get things started with games that count. I’m sure they can take a lot from the Puerto Rico game and make sure not to be as slugish. As for the China game.. not much you can take from that.. other than: just don’t get injured.

One thing that I believe Team USA can improve on is their jersey sponsorships. I mean, everyone else has a huge, ugly, intrusive logo right in front of theirs, why not the US? I hence forth give you my suggestions:


There’s like little “company” I want you to know about..


Ah, playing with those toys were the best times of my life (like 10 minutes ago)


“Have you seen my stapler?


Sesame Street is going corporate yo.


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