Early Morning Amateur LIVE BLOGGING Hour!

Yes yes, you heard it here first. NBA Basketball and Other Unrelatedness is going big time with the first ever Live Blogging of the Team USA vs. Italy match this morning. I will be up at the crack of dawn (I realise the past couple times I said I was staying up for games but then ended up sleeping..) to provide a substantially somewhat
better commentary than whatever ESPN throws at us.

Now, don’t mistake that for cockiness, it’s just blind ambition and who knows what will be the outcome of this. Word of caution: first time trying to do this witchery of “live blogging”–all the cool kids did it! So I don’t have any clue how to do it properly.. I only ask that if you’re reading this later on in the day, you should make a note that I woke up minutes ago and went to bed at around 1ish.

I can only hope I can type goodz that early in the morning…(there’s a 6:30am??)

So it begins! Italy’s blue jersey and the font looks just like Orlando’s away uni.

9:22– Italy takes the fast lead with an open set shot
8:22– Italy goes for 3!
8:03– Lebron answers with his own 3

Lebron looks determined

7:22– Italy for 3 again!
There’s a replay for nothing in particular. Fran Francilla tries to make something of it…

6:20– Lebron has 6 now… yep he’s determined
5:45– Italy cleans up the boards twice on the offensive end and converts
5:20– Italy takes ANOTHER offensive rebound and able to fnish with a three
4:20– Okay, Italy will shoot threes for the rest of the game I believe
3:30– Finally US does their “patented” turnover-creating machine that leads to a Lebron dunk. This is probably what a lot of people are worried for Team USA.. that their only good defensive set is to create enough turnovers to score.. but for now Italy isn’t messing around with the ball

1:20– A couple defensive possessions, again with the steals that lead to fast break for the US with Wade being instant energy, obviously, also picking up quick fouls
0:42– Oh snap, I never mentioned the score… it’s 19-23 with a 3-point play on a, get this, fast break for the US
End of 1st 19-25 from a nice Paul to Howard easy dunk. You think Chris wants to lobby to get Howard to be his running mate or what?

9:04– Howard falls flat on his back (had his leg caught on an Italy player on the way up)…ugh..doesn’t feel good looking at that 260+ pound falling.. He gets up and walks with a smile.. so YAY!
8:30– US forces a tournover and….does a turnover of their own with a Melo walk
7:23– Italy has 2 layups uncontested 23-25
6:29– Melo schools Michelori(sp?) with probably a walk as he spins to the hole, but goes to the line and coverts 2.. with that, US’ first points of the 2nd
5:07– Italy goes coast to coast to make it 27-28
4:22– the Azzurri takes the lead with 2 buckets 31-28 (one of them being Wade’s “patented” turnovers… not a good way to finish off the quarter eh?
3:26– Phew! Howard comes back as Brand ties the game 31-31
2:44– Wade gambles and his opponent takes advantage and drives for, here comes the twist: a layup..
2:02– Wade gets one of those “fall down 8, get up with bad math” type of bankers
1:30– Italy again drives to the hole from a break down of defense 40-35
0:43– Soragna (the A has a swiggly top it’s actually the jersey, oops!) hits a three
OMG! LEBRON JUST HEADBUTTED MATERAZZI!!! (just kidding.. it was Coach K..)
— Italy finishes strong with a jumper to make it 45-35 and US not being able to do any actual sets, where Wade just shoots

So hmm.. that debate of Team USA will struggle because they don’t have a set offensive machine and with few fast breaks, the strong opponents can keep up and lead.. I ponder this as I go to get something to eat…

Hey, did you know Coach K played at West Point and that the team had visits with the military? I did, NUMEROUS times over, why? I keep seeing ESPN bring it up…Jesus we get it

3rd, 4th Quarter:
I lost net connection for about 30minutes or so… that’s why no updates… But the gist of it was that Melo can’t miss and wants this win for himself.

I had something about the 3rd quarter, but it’s all gone now… sad face

The 4th and most of the 3rd was basically the Melo and Wade show. I’m just amazed how consistent Carmelo can keep his game up. It doesn’t seem forced and all his Js are smooth as hell.

So the final is 94-85 is after Team USA got hot and stayed that way and stopped letting Italy get offensive boards and coverting. It was a good lesson that if their style of defense doesn’t work against a strong team like Spain, Argentina, they might lose. Then again… with the thought of any one of these guys: Lebron, Wade and this game Melo can stay hot as long as you keep feeding them, Team USA is looking okay.. But that is also indicative of the opponent being a poor defensive club. So it’ll be veeeery interesting in the medal rounds.. I can’t wait.

Eh… fun experiment with this Live Blogging business… I just hope I never have to wake up this early for it, because I think there were tons of things I wrote down above that doesn’t make any sense. But it looks like something I like to try again… if only my internet decides to cooperate.


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