“The future, Conan? That’s right, let’s all look to the future, all the way to the year 2000”

I hope you’re all Late Night fans, because the title would be devastatingly wasted. So I think I’m a couple days late on the “news” that this year’s NBA LIVE 07 has 5 NBA stars to be on the cover(s). The reason is to capitalize on the European market…or, in other words: they want to do something with [insert better microeconomic terms].

It has even made it to the NBA.com Suns webpage (parce que monsieur Boris Diaw est Français), but get this: it was posted three days from now! Dun Dun Dun!


But to go back for a second about the Euro publicity thing; it’s pretty cool I find. So to retroactively support this, I give you some more European LIVE covers that I guess is pretty accurate given their “curse”. However, it’s more the fact that I like Arvydas Sabonis’ mad baller skills, even if he was past his prime when he finally joined the Blazers (still better than a lot of folks..shooting.. and oh man, his passing!)

sabas92.jpg sabas88.jpg
Lithuania and Soviet Union (limited covers! they’re hot!)


  1. I am very upset that I couldn’t hear the NBA version of la bamba’s high pitched cry “in the year 2000…..IN THE YEAARR 2000!!!!!”.

    remember, next time.

  1. 1 The Basketball Jones » Quickies: Team USA Edition

    […] Warning to The Cavalier, Hype is getting awfully good at this Photoshop stuff: Limited edition Aryvdas Sabonis NBA Live covers. […]

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