Jerry Stackhouse Pays Back The Lord–well, the Landlord

stackhouse.jpgSo Jerry Stackhouse loves his mommy so much that he got her a much better church house, filled with LCDs and Plasmas!

Okay, I kid about the LCDs, but I’m sure there’s a 360 stashed in there somewhere. And hookers. Don’t forget about the hookers.

It’s Monday and with no Worlds play tonight to talk about it’s pretty much a random NBA star story that should warm your day.

Well, I’ll say this about the happenings so far: whoever meets the US in the Final, (c’mon, it’s hard to rule against even that), please make it an awesome final! Not that I doubt Team USA can win it, it’s just having a close and exciting game would make it so much easier for me to write something more substantial than, “Carmelo is amazing blahblahblah”…

Stackhouse gives mom house … of God [AP]
(Who knew AP titles can be as funny as this one? I thought it was going to read: House… of Pain. Or even better, House.. of Waffles)


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