Carnival #35 (Now 99% Isiah Free!)


I’m about 12 hours late in checking in with Mr. Internet, so this might be somewhat repetitive. Regardless, Mutoni over at Bench Renaldo amassed fantastic links around the NBA’s bloghouse for the latest Carnival of the NBA. Check it out while it’s hot!

Additional note: I haven’t seen any of the Quarter Finals of the Worlds yet (spoiler alert if you wanna ruin it in the comments!) so I’ll take a gander at it tonight and post some notes, thoughts, and magical dreams.

UPDATE on the “Additional note” business: Argentina and Spain both blew Turkey and Lithuania waaay out of the water, respectfully. So… other than saying those two teams being big big dominanting clubs, it’s hard to come up with substantial things to say.

Players I can’t get enough of: Pepe Sanchez and Juan-Carlos Navarro. Argentina’s style of play is so fun to watch as well. Everything is so crisp and direct because they’ve been together for years. In the same tone, they are also able to pull of crazy stuff like no look cross court passes while breaking the defender’s ankles. I’m secretly rooting for Argentina because they’re also a very fun team to watch.

Tomorrow morning bright and early I shall tackle this mysterious beast called Live Blogging once again for the USA-Germany showdown, stay tuned my hombres!


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