Get Your Blog On: BlogDay 2006!

This is totally fun, all the cool kids are doing it: started from and spreading worldwide (at least until 12am). Since this site already coined the market of Unrelatedness(back off Mark Cuban!), I guess having to pick 5 blogs that’s totally unrelated to NBA content is pretty much second nature around here.

1. The Lonely Island: the mad skillz behind the Lazy Sunday SNL skit. These guys are really really funny. Check out their vids and other rap beats (my suggestions: The Bu’ and The Heist, but they’re all good)

2. TV Guide Talk Podcast: if you’re as much as a TV addict like myself and love to dissect good quality shows out there, this is a good funny listen. You can be actually be entertained by listening to snobby people talk about TV, who knew!
2.b – extra – AskAusiello: one of the guys from the above podcast that brings you the lastest scoop for all the tv shows

3. ZeFrank – TheShow: can’t really describe this. Suffice it to say Ze is probably smarter than many many folks. Take a look and listen for yourself, but watch at least 3 or 4 shows so that it’s not just a big WTF?

4. AskANinja: They’re pretty big around “the online” but still pretty funny stuff.

5. the granddaddy of blogs, gathering all sorts of things about tech, music, social laws, overall interesting stuff.


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