Opa! Greeks Like It On The Outside

10.jpegOkay okay… woah, title a little vague with the innuendo? WordPress.com, please don’t ban me.. this is strictly a PG-13/R/unrated site I swear!

Back on topic here: Guardian Unlimited has an article that talks about how Greece prefers that the rest of world still don’t recognize that they’re contenders.

However, Greece are more than happy to go into their semi-final as rank outsiders.

“It’s good like this,” smiled Greek guard Theodoros Papaloukas. “If things go wrong for them in the game they will get stressed.”

I doubt they will be stressed if they’re down in points. Team USA has proved, twice, they were able to be level headed about the situation and knew how to turn it on (big thanks to Melo).

“You do not want an open-court game with the U.S. because then it’s easy for them,” said Greece coach Panagiotis Yannakis.

That’s actually great to hear them acknowledge the strenght of how Dwyane Wade, Carmelo and Lebron get going–by simply out running you. Yet it’s easier said then done. I still haven’t seen the Greece vs. France game (maybe if I have a chance today I’ll look into that) but hopefully tomorrow’s game they will be able to execute their signature defense. That’s all I ask for really, for the opposition to have lockdowns on the US. It’s doubtful that they’ll be successful, but I still want it to happen. Why? Just so that it raises the quality of the game. I don’t just want them to roll past everyone where the other side just gives up after 3 quarters.

What’s that you say? There’s more actual real NBA news going on? Don Nelson is back? (pfft, nothing I can say comes close to the folks over at GSoM) Latrell Sprewell has gone insane? (Bah, one trick pony) Iverson’s detail taking other kids’ lunch money? (Actually, I might have something with this later..)

See, we here at the Unrelatedless Ranch don’t really have priority, in anything really. Just basically a stream of consciousness type of affair. And therein lies the magic!

Greece happy to be outsiders [Guardian Unlimited]


  1. SG

    I think the magic actually lies within that Pau Gasol pic that, 24 hours later, I still can’t get out of my head.

  2. that was a huge win by Greece. I think they may go on to win the finals now too.

  3. Okay, 1) FUUUUCK! I should NOT have checked this comment…. 2) I’m going to regret not getting up in a long long time…. 3) Hey, thanks for commenting! 🙂

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