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Current Ref Level: Eddie Rush (dunno why either, I like his name though)
In other news, I’m in love with arrows

And now, onward for another edition into this great abyss we call refereeing

The Raptors have finally abolished the fugliest color for any sports jersey and gone straight to reppin’ Canada’s colours (yes, it’s spelled with a U here bitches). Anyway, nothing really astronomical in the tweak, just using all red all the time. Some of the pics are here.

It’s the rest of the photos, nay, CAPTIONS that are even more anti-climatic. You get stuff like:




When you have the likes of Pape Sow blessing you with a semi-amusing candid photo you GOTTA have wittyer captions. Listen Rebecca Virgin (*teehee*) here’s what you should’ve written:

-Sam Mitchell searching the lot for punka**es to run over

-P.J. Tucker has Venom like substance riding up his left thigh

-“Is Pape Sow gonna have to choke a bitch?”

Becky, step up your caption-making game yo, ain’t going to warn you again. Holla!

Raptors Hit the Links, Unveil New Jerseys [ // Rebecca Virgin]

arenas.jpgTeam previewing isn’t really a strong facet in the UnrelatednessHut, so to take advantage of our lord and saviour YouTube, here are some interesting words out of the one and only DeShawn Stevenson about his upcoming season with the Wizards.

Fans of shirtless Gilbert Arenas can see a few more glimpses of that when they show some scrimmage action…if you’re into that sort of thing.

Notes on vid: I love how they spent like 20 minutes max putting the thing together. No music, no adjusting the volume of DeShawn’s timid voice, fast and easy!

And another one that’s earlier… Drinking Game: each time DeShawn does a “hard pose” between questions, CHUG!

NBA Live 07 just released their Top Bananas players ratings concocted from, and I quote from my sources: “dark voodoo”. You can check out the whole list here if you really need to know who is #131 (I know I can’t wait!).

But what’s really interesting is #4, Tracy McGrady. He is in such a zone nowadays that he decided to morph into another player completely, check it out:


Kudos to TBJ for steering me to this find, because seriously, the picture confused me so much that it accidentally made me drunk.


Since I might miss it due to other activities, I asked Nostradomus what was going to be on tonight’s Late Show, he kindly told me:



Current Ref Level: Bennett Salvatore

Now some (re: MANY) ball fans feel know that B-Salz is pretty much the bottom of the barrel in terms of quality in reffin’. I feel compelled to compare myself to him because the other night was my first start at refereeing a rec league game. Thank the gods that it was an exhibition game…I’ll explain why after the jump.

Part 2 of the thrilling Rec League Reffin Adventures

So while I was busy edumacating-myself with classes yesterday and broke quite a mental sweat (which, as the great thespian of our time, Rachel Bilson, in her alter-ego Summer, would say: “Ew”) Lucas from Phoenix Suns Rising took care of the comments section here at the UnrelatednessZone. What do the kids call that these days? “Holding it down?” Sure.

(That first sentence has got to be the longest run on sentence ever)

Okay, back to some NBA stuff: Kobe backtracked from earlier statements about Team USA “needing more chemistry” (from AP):

During the summer, Bryant toured Japan, Hong Kong, South Korea and Taiwan. While in Taipei, he was quoted as saying the U.S. basketball team will have to work on its chemistry to perform well at the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

Didn’t happen, he says now.

“Those words never came out of my mouth,” he said. “I think something must have gotten lost in translation. Obviously, they misunderstood everything I was saying.”

Pshh, OBVIOUSLY. “Misunderstood everything” you said huh? Let’s see if we have that transcript…


“We’ll run off and be happy together forever!”

Speaking of Shaq, here is Shaq’s “top ten quotes” as put together by our TSN channel, though it’s nothing you haven’t seen yet. Where’s “don’t ask dumb questions young lady?”

Hope the title isn’t going to be damaging. But, please, just read on a bit more before accusing the UnrelatednessTown of being sexist or just plain silly.

Here’s an article from Canadian Press, via, that uses fancy schmancy numbers to just simply say women like to watch sports (shocker!) and they spend just as much, if not more, time than guys either online or elsewhere in the discussion of sports. There’s this bit about the NBA that.. well, I dunno what to do with it:

The NBA estimates that 46 per cent of its fans are women, a popularity it said is partly due to its drama-filled games; its sister league, WNBA; and the “likeability” of players some of its high-profile players [sic].

“Likeability of players”? What does that even mean?

“There are female fans out there of all ages,” said Linda Choong, vice-president of the NBA’s Global Merchandising Group, which racked up US$100 million in sales to women last year. “They’re very much top-of-the-mind for us.”

During this year’s playoffs, the NBA launched a marketing campaign specific to women that included ads in entertainment magazines, more articles about players off the court and an appeal to the emotions by highlighting the storylines on the court – Cleveland Cavaliers guard Larry Hughes returning to help the team advance in the postseason after the unexpected death of his younger brother, for example. The result: female viewership was up 33 per cent on male-dominated ESPN, said Carol Albert, vice-president of league advertising and marketing.

Okaaay, woah. What?!? The marketing department (either NBA or ESPN, or both) uses something private and personal to appeal to “emotions of women”? That’s a bit unsettling… that they had this specific mantra to manipulate viewership (even at someone else’s expense) and was able to empirically collect the data to see if it worked. Righto..

But, I guess I’m just calling out things just for the heck of calling it out. So maybe there’s something else in the article that I may like?

Canada-based Harlequin spokeswoman Marleah Stout said sales of the books – 200,000 have been printed – are brisk. The partnership has been so successful that the company plans 21 NASCAR-themed books next year, printing over a million novels, she said.

Stout said the partnership was a natural because Harlequin knows women and “NASCAR wants to pay more attention to their female fan base because it is growing.” She says the hookup is like fried ice cream: “Sounds ridiculous, but it’s delicious.”

Actually it still sounds fucking disgusting, but that’s just me. However, I can stand behind Harlequin adapted novels for our league in question….


If you don’t like the wild country, perhaps some big city story…


Finally, if you happen to also not like the above money guzzling tale, then perhaps an everyday encounter…


Oh the wondering stories, I’m getting hot just thinking about them.. or maybe I shoudn’t have my iron on right next to the keyboard. Who knows.