So.. What To Post Today..


Well, it’s great that Spain kept their streak of making Argentina their bitc— little brother you can beat up without mom yelling at you. There’s this other thing…oooh yea, Team USA lost to Greece. I didn’t expect them to go down yet (I was looking at the Finals) but Greece really were sharp as a team.

There’s not much to add other than it’s not that big a deal. The players put together for Team USA were undoubtedly talented, of all the world, but that can’t be equated into a championship team just like that. The rest of the world learned how to play FIBA ball in their respective leagues for a decade. The NBA players and coaches on the other hand were too busy with the luxury of having 82 games slowly learning who their teammates are, taking little steps; just pacing for the playoffs. They were tuned for a marathon, not a sprint like this WCOB.

Sure I expected Team USA to be in the final match because of the stars there, but that line of thought’s gotta change. This ain’t ’92, ’94, where a group of spectacular athletes looking in a tournament with no knowledge of the opponents can roll all over lesser players. The rest of the world learned from those experiences and developed into great teams with great athletes in their own right.

Was it an upset? Not really, they were strangers to this international game from the outside looking in, thinking that with pure athleticism alone they can win. That didn’t happen, nor should it really.

(Pau Gasol mood watch: Joyous)


  1. The international basketball scene wouldn’t be exciting if the USA didn’t lose, would it? Just wait until ’08, when Kobe (and others) are on the roster.

  2. I think you’re totally right. Ever since Athens it’s made me aware how much more Team basketball there is to International hoops. I mean, the average fan can fall in love with the Phoenix Suns style of offensively balanced team-play then surely International ball fits right in.

    It’s just a matter of familiarizing the teams… but that’s also getting better as we get to enjoy the likes of Manu, Pau and a great number of players and watch them be with their brethren.

    So yeah, I guess it does take a loss with the USA team to make everyone “get” that overseas has just as good teams as Detroit, Spurs and not just the one man shows of late. (I just wish NBATV had like a EuroLeague channel we can subscribe to or something)

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