*Blah-blah-Jorge Garbajosa, Pau Gasol not count because I got too lazy-Blah-Blah*

Watching the final game where Spain just grabbed the game by the balls against Greece it’s hard not to be happy for the champions. They played superbly against the reigning Euro Champs that just beat up Team USA. It was a joy to watch how great their defense was against their opponent and hustling like crazy on offence making all the right plays.

Then as the game wound down, seeing a weepy Pau overwhelmed with tears, you just gotta smile. So to wrap up this Sunday post extravaganza, as well as continue our coverage of the many / emotions that is The Gasol, I give you

(Huggably-Overjoyed Pau)

In housekeeping news: I think I broke my categories-tag machine.. like woah. And there’s a minor surprise for readers tomorrow (hint: it’s nothing big… and it doesn’t have anything to do with money… come to think about it, it’s really anti-climatic, come back anyway please 🙂 )


  1. As you said, Spain played marvellous. Viva España!!!

    By the way, LeBron played such a horrible championship… In Spain he got so many critics about the way he uses to play. For him a team means nothing!

  2. Yep they sure did! I want to reply at your site… but I feel bad if I leave only an English message (seeing as you wrote here in English instead of Spanish) 😦 I have enough problems with English.. French.. Chinese… Teenager-Speak, Tech-talk…etc 🙂

    Really? They thought Lebron didn’t play team basketball? That’s interesting, because he never did anything that wasn’t part of the plan, which was: attack fast. And he wasn’t the go-to guy in the Worlds either, it was Carmelo that took that role.

    Maybe critics thought he would be more aggressive than he was? Was that what they were looking for? But if anything, he never made the team about himself.

  3. In Spain was said that LeBron never waited to have a good shot, he wasn’t able to profit from the team, he played as he were the only man in the game who could beat the other team, and as the main critic, USA never was able to understand that basketball a team game is.

  4. -Socialistahonrado: well, the second part is pretty accurate: Team USA sucked at team basketball. They didn’t know each other well like Spain, Greece or Argentina.

    But with all the games of the USA I saw, Lebron hardly took shots that dominate the game. In fact, he was quite the passing man instead of being the guy that needs the ball. So I dunno, maybe different perspectives?

    And to be fair, the whole Team USA never waited for a good shot. That was their plan: run as fast as possible and take as quick shots as you can. Their thinking was that they can out-run the opponents because they’re more “athletic”.

    But it failed for them against a more mature Greek team. I would have loved to see Team USA vs. Spain (with Pau of course!)

  5. Yeah, all spaniards were waiting for that game. At least we got the championship. 😉

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