1 Team In 1 Hour – Bobcats

9/6/2006 8:53:45 AM

NBA Ball and Other Unrelatedness basketball columnist, goofy-looking kid, and lover of tea Hype is looking at one NBA team each day in just about an hour for the whole month of September. He wrote this in 15mins because something shiny caught his attention.

Season Preview
Charlotte Bobcats

First of all, I cannot stress enough times how great it is that the dude who gave the world “Hot In Heeerrrrrrrrre” is an owner of an NBA franchise. That alone gives this team an edge of something, I haven’t decided what yet. And secondly, while we’re on the topic of owners, Michael Jordan is lending his money counting skills in also being part owner of this team. So, if you’re keeping score at home, the owners are: Rap guy that used to have a band-aid on his cheeks—CHECK; former basketball great but now misses shots without anyone guarding—CHECK; guy that created a tv station that produced 106 & Park?—CHECK and CHECK


Well, moving on to something a bit more substantial: Players. Omeka Okafor only played 26 games last season due to injury so this year he’ll have something to prove and make the most of this comeback. They got some kid that cries and plays basketball from time to time high in the draft. And…and…um.. They have Walter Herrmann? (Geez this is harder than I thought it would be)

Alright, so there really isn’t that much one can say about a team just going into their 3rd birthday.. But know this: I did not watch one single game of the Bobcats, ever.

(TheHype’s totally uninformed, irresponsible and more importantly, not-so-funny views do not reflect those of the company. In fact, we’re trying to replace him with a younger, buffer CW-type of actor and hope no one notices…)

30 teams in 30 days [tsn.ca]

-this post goes into the meh attempt lunacy section-


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